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Waste Recycling Prevent Global Warming?

Nowadays almost everyone realises that climate change and global warming are real, from the political leaders to the most eminent scientists in the world. We all need to make an effort to reduce waste accumulation and the cost of waste clearance. If we reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the landfills we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We can lower our contribution to global warming by making waste removal cost-effective and efficient...

Change and Renewable Energy Sources

Everyone is talking about climate change. We have been hearing about global warming for quite a few years now and the talks are getting ever so persistent. And recently weathermen have come up on the news to speak about the climate change again, and considering the bipolar weather we are getting in Europe, people are starting to listen. Climate change is a result of many factors, and not all of them are connected to seasons and the planet’s revolving around the sun. Pollution often has its say, but is it a reason for all the changes...

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