Biogas Techniques improvement

ISET : Institut für Solare Energieversorgungstechnik

ISET, together with Nova Energie, will work on emerging technologies to be used for the optimal production and concentration of biogas.

The Institut für Solare Energieversorgungstechnik e.V. (ISET) in Hanau is engaged in application-oriented research and development of renewable energy generation and distribution. This includes the area of Energetic Use of Biomass.

ISET supports the following essential programmatic objectives:

  • The use of biomass in new energy conversion technologies, such as micro gas turbines or fuel cells,
  • The optimization of the interaction between biogas generation and converter units,
  • Measurement processes and sensory analyses for the optimized operational control of biomass systems,
  • Standardization and modularization of systems using biomass,
  • The integration of biomass systems into power supply structures (gas, electricity and heat),
  • Demand-oriented biogas production to cover real time load profiles,
  • The development of biogas-fed «micro-gas grids»,
  • The use of biomass in hybrid systems to replace diesel.

The «Energetic Use of Biomass» Division is looking at the optimization of the systems’ technology for the entire process chain related to the use of biomass to produce energy. The objective of the division’s projects is to exploit the present potential and opportunities in this area of technology and open up new perspectives. An experimental center in Hanau is approximately 350 m² in size and various process chains for the energetic use of biomass have been put in place. These include various portable systems to prepare feedstock, digestion and gas purification with integrated measurement data compilation and computer-aided control components. To optimize operations, the parameter specifications are compiled and evaluated online. For further analyses, adjacent labs are available where special biological, chemical and physical parameters can be studied.

Contribution to the Biogasmax project

Within BIOGASMAX, ISET, together with NOVA, will be responsible for monitoring, evaluating and exchanging experiences with regard to biogas production plants, as well as biogas upgrading facilities. ISET will demonstrate the applicability of the different biogas upgrading systems and will provide practical advice related to the implementation and operations of the upgrading units to be built within Biogasmax.


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