A sustainable strategy

Issues and choices

The Municipality of Rome strongly promotes the use of alternative fuels in public and private fleets as instrument to fight against the city pollution and in the view to achieve the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol. Since the early ‘90s, AMA, the Environmental Municipal Agency of Rome responsible for the integrated cycle of waste collection, transport, recycling and disposal, has experimented with the use of biomethane in some waste collection Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDVs).

The sole biogas provider in Rome is the landfill and biogas plant of Malagrotta, owned by a private company. Waste, processed and subsequently landfilled, produces a considerable amount of biogas used mostly for own electric power plant and partly to provide biomethane for AMA waste collection vehicles.

Bacino di ossidazione
As Malagrotta will soon be saturate, Rome has considered, in the frame of its environmental management strategies, to dedicate a particular attention to recover different waste fractions, among others organic ones, and to increase the selected collection. In particular, in the area of North-West province of Rome (in Maccarese), AMA built a plant for the production of high quality compost. Moreover, in this frame AMA obtained the authorisation to build a section for the anaerobic treatment in order to produce biogas as energy source for own electric requirements and biomethane to fuel waste collection heavy duty vehicles.

When realized, it is planned a production of 10,000,000 Nmc/y of raw biogas, whose a part will produce, after upgrading, around 1,800,000 Nmc/y of biomethane, together with electric power to be injected into the grid.


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