Region of Göteborg

Biogas fuel market breakthrough

Issues and choices

Biogas West is a regional cooperation project in western Sweden for the implementation of biogas as a vehicle fuel. The activity is led by Business Region Göteborg and involves more than 25 stakeholders representing municipalities in the western region, organizations, authorities and companies. Among the participants are Göteborg Energi, Fordonsgas Sverige and the Municipality of Falköping, all partners in the Biogasmax project. The purpose is to develop a new environmental sound industry that stimulates market development for the production, distribution and use of biogas as vehicle fuel. This will contribute to creating job opportunities and less green house gases. In addition, it solves waste problems and stimulates the production of eco-fertilizers.
Göteborg Energi AB plans a gasification plant
for biomethane 2012
Commercial scale – 0,8 TWh biomethane.
The entire public/private system is involved in the project, which contributes to strong political support that can change financial conditions and provide a long-term perspective, as commitments are needed as well as a holistic view.

In Biogas West, the Green Gas principle is applied; this is a concept that covers the use of renewable biogas and fossil natural gas. This unique concept may be applied to all filling stations already connected to the natural gas grid. A customer may fill a vehicle with methane gas at a filling station, then the corresponding amount of biomethane is injected into the natural gas grid. In order for biogas to become a complementary fuel in the strategies of Sweden and Europe, this concept is necessary.


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