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Climate Change and Renewable Energy Sources

Everyone is talking about climate change. We have been hearing about global warming for quite a few years now and the talks are getting ever so persistent. And recently weathermen have come up on the news to speak about the climate change again, and considering the bipolar weather we are getting in Europe, people are starting to listen. Climate change is a result of many factors, and not all of them are connected to seasons and the planet’s revolving around the sun. Pollution often has its say, but is it a reason for all the changes in the weather? And if so, what does that mean for the future.

How to dispose of domestic waste the eco-friendly way

A big part of waste clearance is how you do the waste disposal after all is said and done. Rubbish disposal is much trickier than you may think as at the end of a house clearance job you could be left with heaps of rubbish, waiting to be removed. But how do you handle that? Hire a skip for the landfill? Get clearance services over to help? Do your own waste removal? And where do you take it all? There are many questions that should be raised when venturing to do such a job.

What is the Importance of Biogas Production?

Landfills have their limited uses, and that’s not saying anything about providing a place to dump waste in. In fact, their only true use comes, ironically, from the same reason why they are bad for the environment. All the waste that is dumped into landfills undergoes a certain decay process that is a result of a lot of humidity and little sunlight. With this decay, nitrous oxide and methane rise from the landfill. And in combination they form the biogas – one energy resource that has no equal so far.

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