What is the Importance of Biogas Production


Landfills have their limited uses, and that’s not saying anything about providing a place to dump waste in. In fact, their only true use comes, ironically, from the same reason why they are bad for the environment. All the waste that is dumped into landfills undergoes a certain decay process that is a result of a lot of humidity and little sunlight. With this decay, nitrous oxide and methane rise from the landfill. And in combination they form the biogas – one energy resource that has no equal so far.


Yes, this is a greenhouse gas and it is harmful for the environment, but the true magic of the biogas comes when it is collected in one place and the burning begins. And it has quite a lot of beneficial effects as well. Here is what these encompass:


Eco-Friendly Use

Most uses of gases usually lead to pollution and that is something that we strive to steer away from. But that is not necessarily the case every time. The burning of the greenhouse gases prevents them from going up into the atmosphere and adding to the climate change. Burning them does not require any oxygen, so this is an eco-friendly way to create something useful.

Renewable Energy Source

Biogas is a renewable energy source. Landfills will keep generating methane, carbon oxide, and nitrous oxide, and as long as there is someone to capture the emissions and burn them, biogas will always be a relevant source of energy. And since landfills are not really going anywhere anytime soon, you could consider biogas a pretty infinite energy source.

Fewer Landfills

It is ironic and also very beneficial that the end of pollution coming from the landfills will bring the end of lots of biogas sources. But do consider this: even if there is a day when landfills will disappear, then biogas is the reason that will happen. It takes the energy straight from them, drains their pollution, reduces the waste and thus causes less pollution to farms and nearby water sources.

Better Technology Prices

The development of technology allows the application of different energy sources and compressed natural gas (CNG) is among those sources. This is a biogas that is used in many aspects, and since it comes from landfills, it makes the technology cheaper. It is both practically and financially more beneficial to buyers. Biogas is not going anywhere anytime soon, so it will be used for quite a while longer.

Job Opportunities

A big thing about biogas is actually the application of the process of its gathering and burning. It is done with the help of power plants, which require a lot of workforce and therefore generate a lot of job opportunities. Biogas helps the population on an economical level in more ways than one. The more potential biogas use, the more employment there will be, and that is quite beneficial.

Fewer Greenhouse Effects

The best thing about biogas is that it uses the landfill as a whole and takes away all of the greenhouse effects it usually causes. It is an eco-friendly way to reduce pollution by making use of the source and emissions of the pollutant.

Biogas has its many uses and it is a quite useful energy source with a lot of benefits. Sure, it has its disadvantages too, but technology is being improved all the time and it will get better and better with time. With the technological advancements biogas will be more applicable and the only disadvantage will be the potential disappearance of the landfill. And that we can all enjoy.

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